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Dorm Grow  FAQ


1.  I just received my light but some of the diodes are not “on”, what’s the problem?

This is the most frequently asked question from our customers. G8LED lights have infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) diodes. The IR diodes are not visible to the human eye but are necessary for stem strength. The UV diodes look like a dull blue and this is how they are supposed to be.

2.  What is the correct distance to hang my G8LED Grow Light?

The smaller, less intense lights like the 120 Watt LED Grow Light can be hung 18-24 inches from the top of the canopy. Larger lights such as the 450 Watt LED Grow Light can be hung around 30-36 inches from the top of the canopy. More intense lights such as the 600 and 900 Watt LED Grow Lights should be hung 32-42 inches from the top of the canopy of your plants. Maintain the distance as your plants grow, meaning that as your plants grow and reach for the light, raise the light little by little to keep the separation between the plant and light fairly constant.

3.  Can I use my LED grow light for flowering?

Yes! G8LED grow lights have been designed to be versatile and can be used for both growth AND flowering. One light will do both!

4.  What is the best way to use the BLOOM light?

If you like to set up different growth and flowering stations the BLOOM light is ideal for this scenario. The BLOOM light can also be combined with the LED Veg + Bloom lights and even with HID & CFL bulbs.

5.  Can I use LED grow lights with clones?


6.  Can I veg with HID and/or CFL and flower with LED?

This is not the optimal way to use the LED grow light. If the plant has not been accustomed to a LED light source as its source of energy during its growth stage, it will experience a drastic environmental change if switched to LED once it is mature and will not give optimal results. Bottom line – don’t use your LED this way.

7.  If I start vegging with LEDs can I flower with high pressure sodium (HPS) bulbs?


8.  Why did the guy at the store tell me that LEDs do not work for flowering?

He probably never tried to grow with a G8LED grow light. There are numerous grow journals and videos showing the remarkable results with LED grow lights. Read through our Grow Tips and Blog entries to get tips on best practices for growing with LED grow lights.

9.  Are the lights made with 3 Watt Diodes?

Yes, all G8LED lights (except the 90W UFO lights) are made with 3 Watt diodes. The 3 Watt diodes help to maximize canopy penetration of the light to reach the lower and inner parts of the plant.

10.  Why is the actual power draw always less than the stated power draw?

The stated power draw is the sum of all the diodes. For example, the 600 Watt light has 200 diodes at 3 Watts each. However, the actual power drawn by each diode is always less than 3 Watts and varies from 1.6-2.5 Watts depending on the wavelength of the diode. The diodes are not run to 100% capacity to protect them from thermal breakdown and increase their lifespan. The lower power draw also reduces the cost of electricity.

11.  Why do some LED companies not publish the actual power draw?

Some companies do not provide enough specifications regarding their products. Be careful of these companies and make sure you make a correct comparison when it looking for a LED grow light for your given grow space.

12.  Is it better to get one G8-450 light or two G8-240 lights?

The price and coverage area will be very similar with either one G8-450 light or two G8-240 lights. If your grow area is about twice as wide as long, then two of the smaller lights will cover this area better. If your grow area is closer in shape to a square, the larger light will be ideal for this setup.

13.  What should I do if I have any warranty or return issues?

The warranty is based on the purchase date of your light and is in our database. Dorm Grow has a warranty policy in place to take care of these issues for our customers. If you have any issues please send an email to

14.  I have a great referral network and/or website of my own? How can I participate in this new industry?

We have an affiliate network in place that pays 5% of the total gross to our affiliates. Follow the affiliate link at the footer of the Dorm Grow website to sign up for the affiliate program and start earning commissions right away. It is a simple setup whereby a banner ad code is give to add to your site and any sales resulting from click through from your site will be automatically credited to your affiliate account.