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Led Grow Lights

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50% Less Energy Bill and 4X Better Yield with LED Grow Lights!

Why LED Grow Lights? – LED Grow lights are the biggest advance for indoor gardening! These tiny and powerful Light Emitting Diodes speed up the vegetation process of your plants and boost yield and resin content. They have the ability of outdoing fluorescent system by saving 50% of your energy bill and producing 4 times better yield.  Here’s what you should know that growers love about them:

Saves Up!

LEDs are perfect for indoor plant growth because they produce minimal to no heat. The energy driven through cords is directly supplied to your plants. With LED bulbs that are 30% more efficient than standard options, you don’t have the fear of drying or scorching the leaves by directing them right on to the plant canopy. And you never need cooling fans with LED grow lights!

The upfront cost of LEDs is more but the durability is long lasting with more advantages and no disadvantage. With LED grow lights you have life durability of 8 to 10 years, which saves replacement cost, use of toxic precautionary, and space.

Simple to Operate!

LED grow light system is easy to setup and operate. Unlike other HID grow lights, you will not require ballasts, converters, and wires. All you do with LEDs is plug and go! This reduces not only the overhead cost but eliminates the hassle of managing the parts.

The Perfect Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights!

Earlier, with other standard options it was difficult raising natural and healthier plants as they were not efficient in delivering the required wavelength to the plants. LEDs enable you to master the indoor growing art by customizing the settings for the perfect vegetation and flowering process.

This doesn’t stop just here! With our best LED grow light collection you are getting durability, efficiency, and indoor gardening consultancy by giving us a call! Choose right and save your dollars with Dorm Grow G8LED grow lights!