LED Panels

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LED Grow Light Panels Let’s You Garden Smart

Dorm Grow LED Grow light takes your indoor gardening to the next level. This revolutionary light fixture enables you to garden smart with increased efficiency and complete energy saving. Our G8 spectrally optimized LED lighting solution is for a variety of horticulture and agriculture lighting applications that maximizes plant growth and photosynthesis and also provides a broader spectrum that is kind for human vision.

Let G8 LED Grow Light Panel Match Your Needs!

The G8LED fixture is engineered to fit industrial standard plant growth production with high output, performance, and energy efficiency. Make one of our selection a part of your customized package, save, and find the perfect style for your needs, whether focused light or diffused light-choose one today!

G8LED Panels come with a 2 year warranty. The power cord is available in US, UK, EU, AU sizes (please specify at checkout). Hanging wires are also included. Upgrade your grow room and Grow Green with G8LED Technology!

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