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Proper Distance to Hang Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights

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Keeping the proper distance between your full spectrum LED grow lights and your plants is important to robust photosynthesis and growth.  Your LED grow light provides the wavelengths of light your plants need for growth and flowering. G8LED grow lights are formulated to the photosynthetic activation radiation (PAR) wavelengths necessary for plant growth.  Plants will reach for the much coveted light source just like they grow towards the sun in outdoor conditions. Increase the distance between the top of the plants’ canopy and the light source as the light becomes more intense. This means that hydroponic LED grow lights of different power ratings will perform best at different distances.

The G8-240 should be hung 12-24 inches from the top of the canopy. The G8-450 should be hung at 16-30 inches from the top of the canopy. The G8-600 should be hung at 18-36 inches from the top of the canopy and the G8-900 should be hung 20-42 inches from the top of the canopy of your plants. As your plants grow and reach for the light, raise the light to keep the distance between the plants and light fairly constant. If you want the plants to stretch, continue raising the light as the plants grow. The plants will reach for the light source and grow taller. Stop raising the light when you do not want more length or when flowering. For shorter, bushier plants decrease the distance. If you keep the distance fixed, the plants will find an equilibrium height and grow wider and denser. If the light is too close it may be too intense and stunt growth and create discoloration.  Follow the recommended distances and adjust as necessary. The distance can be kept constant during flowering. The 90 Watt Red Flower Booster is added at the same level as the Veg/Flower lights when the light cycle is changed to 12-12.

The 90W Red Flower Booster is a supplemental light so there is a great deal of flexibility in its placement. Typically it will be at the same height as the main Veg/Flower panel but can als be angled or placed vertically to give added red light to the lower branches of the plants.

G8-240 LED Grow Light hanging distance 

G8 240 watt LED grow light hanging 24 inches above tomato plants.

Since LED grow lights emit 90% less heat than traditional HID lighting such as high pressure sodium or metal  halide  bulbs, your plants will not dry out or burn if you happen to place your LED grow light to close to your  plants. However,  your  plants’ growth will be stunted if the light is hanging too low. Within a week you will  notice that your plants are not experiencing robust growth and the leaves may become discolored. If you do  experience this result, adjust by increasing  the distance between your light and the plants. Follow the recommended hanging  distances and your plants will thrive in your grow room.  Grow Green with Award Winning G8LED Technology!