Why Choose G8LED

Award-winning G8LED grow lights are some of the highest yielding LED systems available. G8LEDs will grow healthier, more potent plants and reduce your electrical bill.

G8 LED Grow Light
Award Winning Led Grow Light


Increase the plants’ flowering and crop yield with 90W Flower Boosters, added as supplemental lights to any grow room and in combination with any grow lights.


Increases flowering size, density, and overall yield


Adds red, far-red, and hyper red in the 630nm & 660nm range


Each Flower Booster adds 770μMol/m2/s of PAR to magnify flowering


The Flower Booster can be combined with any type of grow light to increase return on investment

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G8 Led Grow Light


What our customers have to say!

i have been using the G8 system for almost 2 years now. started with the G8-600 and expanded my warehouse with more of these and G8-900 lights. the 90 red made all the difference in getting top yield. i am now able to get more with this system than i did with my 1000w hps system, all the while not having to deal with the excess heat and my power bill is still less even though i have more than doubled my grow in my warehouse.


I bought an all red 90w but thought it was a scam. halfway thru the 2nd grow i noticed the buds under the g8 flower booster were almost twice as big as the others. i have 4 plants under a g8 450. It was placed where 2 plants got most of the light. when I noticed the difference i put the flower booster more to the middle. am half way thru the flower cycle. I am happy with my purchase.



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