Are White LED grow lights better for growing plants indoors?

The LED Grow Light market has many different brands utilizing various technologies and color spectra to create an indoor grow light. A common question for growers is “Will a white LED grow light grow better than full spectrum grow lights with a targeted spectrum?” The answer is No, and it is easy to understand why. Here we explain why a targeted full spectrum LED grow light, such as the G8LED C-Series will always outperform a white-only LED grow light of the same wattage.

A white LED grow light does not have the optimal color formulation

A G8LED C-Series will outperform a similar wattage white light every time because it is using the most efficient color spectrum required by the plants. G8LED lights use white 3000k, 4000K Samsung diodes plus a targeted spectrum from 380 to 760nm. A white LED grow light with some red diodes is missing some very critical parts of the lights spectrum like ultraviolet (UV), infrared (IR), and far-red. UV and IR are outside the visible range and are not available in white light. The UV diodes facilitate resin production to form more trichomes, which make for frostier plants with better aroma, flavor, and more potency. Infrared is beneficial for stem strength and flowering. White LED grow lights are missing these critical wavelengths of the light spectra, which means the plants grown with white LEDs will produce fewer trichomes and have less potency, aroma, and flavor.

G8LED C-Series grow lights   VS 



G8LED grow lights are the highest yielding grow lights because their design allows them to put out the highest light intensity concentration. G8 lights have some of the highest PAR values and grow some of the healthiest, highest quality plants.

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    How large of a light will I need for 6 plants? That is the legal number of plants I can grow in Oklahoma for myself

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