Cardinal Rule on Led Lights for Flowering

The Cardinal Rule on Led Lights for Flowering is to START and FINISH with LEDs. We get a lot of emails from customers asking “what is the best way to flower with LED plant lights?”. Many people start growing with metal halide or t5 (fluorescent or led) lights. They decide that they don’t want to deal with the heat and electricity expense anymore.  They upgrade to G8LEDs when it comes time to flower. Switching to LED in the middle of a growing cycle will take some time for the plants to adjust to. Changing your lighting system from all-white or yellow light to a more efficient and targeted grow light like G8LEDs light will improve the quality of the plants. The plants will yield a heavier harvest, but only after an acclimation period of two to three weeks. The acclimation period can be a stressful time for your plants. The best way to grow and flower with an LED system is to START and FINISH with LEDs.

High-performance G8LED grow lights are for vegetative growth AND flowering. The G8 Veg/Flower lights are excellent for seedlings and cloning. Once the plant has gone through its vegetative state and matured, changing its environment to a different lighting system can be stressful but tolerable. If you introduce a seedling or a young plant to a LED system, it can adjust quickly. The important thing is to minimize the stress on the plant so it can thrive in your grow room. Minimize nutrients during the acclimation period and reduce other external stress variables like excess heat. To avoid the acclimation period altogether, start your plants with a G8LED Veg/Flower grow light. To increase the yield, add a G8LED Flower Booster grow light when the plants start to flower!

G8LED Flower Booster
G8LED Flower Booster grow light

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