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420 Arena Interview with Dorm Grow LED

Interview with Dorm Grow – the famous LED Growing Light Company       Here’s the complete Dorm Grow LED interview for enthusiastic growers: 1. Tell us what Dorm Grow LED does in your own words. Dorm Grow helps indoor cultivators set up their grow space to grow the healthiest possible plants. Growers get large […]

How much will it cost to run LED grow lights?

One of the main advantages of growing with LED grow lights is their lower power usage. G8LED grow lights are very efficient at growing healthier indoor plants with increased potency while reducing the operating expense of an indoor grow at any scale. G8LED lights reduce the amount of electricity needed to grow plants and minimize […]

Product Catalog

FULL SPECTRUM LED GROW LIGHTS Award-Winning Full Spectrum G8LED Grow Lights maximize the portions of the light that plants need most and minimize the non-critical portions. The scientific balance is accomplished by taking a weighted average of the PAR absorption rates of chlorophyll-a and chlorophyll-b for flowering plants. G8LED lights grow plants that have more […]

When it comes to LED grow Lights, forget LUMENS

How Many Lumens Do LED Grow Lights Produce? Lumens, Watts, Power Draw, PAR, Grow Area Coverage Many growers ask us about the Lumen output of our full spectrum LED grow lights. Lumens is a measure of how bright a light will appear to the human eye, not how well a light will grow plants. Trying to rate […]

G8LED Led Grow Lights for Indoor Plants

G8LED Lights are designed and manufactured to exact quality standards based on continuous testing of the optimal diode ratios for indoor growing.  Only the highest quality components are used, from individual LED diodes and circuit boards, to power supplies, fans and metal housings.  G8LED led grow lights for indoor plants are all fitted with LEDs rated for […]