G8LED Led Grow Lights for Indoor Plants

G8LED Lights are designed and manufactured to exact quality standards based on continuous testing of the optimal diode ratios for indoor growing.  Only the highest quality components are used, from individual LED diodes and circuit boards, to power supplies, fans and metal housings.  G8LED led grow lights for indoor plants are all fitted with LEDs rated for 50,000 hours, equal to 10-12 years of active use in your grow room.  During the lifetime of your light, no visible reduction in light output will be seen.  LED Lights run virtually silent and do not give off excess heat like HID lighting and ballast equipment.  G8LED stands behind its quality manufacturing with an USA warranty on all products. Our elite line uses only the highest quality components.  G8LED was engineered from the ground up based on feedback from our customers on the most needed light output values for your growing footprint.  G8LED manufactures 1Watt, 2Watt and 3 Watt LED grow lights.

These indoor LED grow lights offer tremendous savings when compared to typical HID lighting systems such as Metal Halide (MH) or High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lighting. Growers can save50-70% on electric consumption by using LED Grow Lights because the lights are formulated to the exact photosynthetic action spectrum (PAR) needed by plants and do not give off excess light that is wasted in the form of excess heat. G8LED grow lights will produce high yielding harvests that indoor growers are looking for!

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