Get the most out of your LED Grow Lights

Now that you have your LED grow light, you must use it properly for optimum growth and yield.  The biggest mistakes people make with LEDs are not having enough light and not placing the light at the proper distance. If you do not provide your working area with enough light coverage, you can expect less than robust growth. Similarly, incorrect light placement will not have optimal results. Placing a light too close will stunt growth, too far will cause stretching.

One of the biggest advantages of LED Plant Lights is that they emit almost no heat. With no heat to worry about, you can place the LED close to the plant without having to worry about drying your plants. The ideal height to place the LED Grow Lights is 1-3 feet above the top of the canopy. The stronger the light the more distance is necessary so that the plants can grow up towards the light.

Many novice and even some expert growers have an experience where the tips of the plant leaves start to fade in color as if they have been bleached. At first they think they have burned the plant, but shortly thereafter realize that with the LEDs, there is no heat and the plant will not burn or dry out. What they have just experienced is “Nutrient Burn”.  With LEDs you must use less nutrients, about 30-50% less. Because the LEDs do not heat up like a High Pressure Sodium (HPS) bulb, the water and nutrients evaporate much more slowly. With LEDs you must water less and use less nutrients to succeed. Great-More money in your pocket! To get the most bang for your buck, consider the G8LED G8-600, 600 Watt LED Grow Light.

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