Optimal Diode Wavelength Ratio For Indoor Hydroponic LED Grow Lights

What is the Optimal Diode Wavelength ratio for indoor hydroponic LED grow lights? It really depends on what you are trying to achieve with a given LED light. The optimal ratio will be different for a LED only for vegetative growth from a LED for flowering from a LED for both vegetative growth AND flowering. So how did G8LED come up with the Optimal 8-Band ratio? They did so by going through several iterations and continually testing of the various LED grow lights. G8LED not only formulated a weighted average ratio to match the photosynthetic action radiation (PAR) chart that graphically shows plants requirements for photosynthesis, but they have tested and refined this ratio to find an optimal balance for an All-In-One grow light that works for both Vegetative Growth AND flowering, eliminating the need for growers to buy 2 separate lights, unless of course, they want to. G8LED also has a secondary formulation for a BLOOM specific light.

Some LED companies try to sell their customers on “bigger is better” and offer 11-band, 15-band, 16-band lights. These lights with too many bands will not perform as well as a light that has an Optimal ratio. Having too many wavelengths of light is counterproductive and will negatively affect the performance of a LED grow light for indoor growing. The whole point of using LEDs is to grow efficiently and target only those wavelengths that the plant will use. For example, green light is reflected off plants and is not an important wavelength of light to be included in a grow light. IR is good for stem strength and growth, but is not necessary for flowering. If your light has too many band of light, it will perform worse than a light that has an optimal ratio. So what is the optimal ratio? LED grow lights should have at least 6 necessary wavelengths for peak performance. Anything more than 8 or 9 wavelengths is inefficient and you have wasted diodes in the light.

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