G8LED Led Grow Lights for Indoor Plants

G8LED Lights are designed and manufactured to exact quality standards based on continuous testing of the optimal diode ratios for indoor growing.  Only the highest quality components are used, from individual LED diodes and circuit boards, to power supplies, fans and metal housings.  G8LED led grow lights for indoor plants are all fitted with LEDs rated for […]

Indoor Vegetable Gardening using LED Plant Grow Lights

OUTLINE OF BENEFITS FOR INDOOR GROWING Benefits of Vegetable Gardens Grow organic foods Control what goes into your soil Supplement your food source   Benefits of Indoor Gardens Utilize indoors when there is no suitable outside space Layer the grow area to maximize the floor space Grow year round LED Grow Lights for Vegetable Growing […]

10 Indoor Growing Tips using LED Grow Lights

10 Indoor Growing Tips using LED Grow Lights [1]  Research before you grow [2]  Get the proper amount of lighting [3]  Plan your space before you start [4]  Hang your lights at the proper distance [5]  Use the proper nutrients and amounts [6]  Don’t over water [7]  Allow enough time for the growth stage [8]  Follow proper trimming […]