How to protect your LED grow light

How to Take Care of and Protect Your LED Grow Light.

Surge Protected Power Strip and Timer for LED Grow Lights.

        surge-protected power strip                              surge-protected power strip with timer

Buying an LED grow light is an investment that will pay off for many years. A G8LED grow light eliminates the need for ballasts, reflectors, heat venting systems, and reduces air conditioning. G8LED grow lights also lower operational costs by dramatically decreasing the electricity consumption of your grow room. What is the best way to take care of an LED grow light?

To take care of and protect your LED grow light, connect it to a surge-protected power strip. Doing so will protect your light against irregular voltage fluctuations which can damage electrical devices. There are regular surge protected power strips and power strips with built-in timers. The built-in timers are a nice touch and will eliminate the need to get a separate timer for your lights.

If too many high wattage devices are connected to the same circuit there can be voltage fluctuations which damage the power drivers of the lights. This is especially true for growers who use solar energy since these systems tend to have power spikes and surges.

A surge-protected power strip or one with a built-in timer costs $10-25. It is a great investment to protect your lights and plants. Take care of your LED grow light to ensure there is no downtime during critical stages of growth.

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  1. Anna Summers says:

    Great growing tip on the surge protectors. I have never seen one with a timer; does the timer run all plugs or is it programmable to more than one time setting? Are these available in any store or are these specific to the type of LED grow lights?
    Thank you

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