How to protect your LED grow light

Protect Your LED Grow Light and your Plants with a Power Stabilizer


Buying a LED grow light is a capital investment for your indoor growing hobby or business. The investment offsets other capital expenditures by eliminating the need for ballasts, reflectors, heat venting systems and airconditioning in addition to lowering operational costs by dramatically decreasing the electricity consumption of your grow room.

To protect your investment you should connect your LED grow light to a power stabilizer. The power stabilizer will regulate the voltage coming from your power box and eliminate various power fluctuations which can damage devices. If too many high wattage devices are connected to the same circuit there can be voltage fluctuations which damage power drivers inside the LED lights which power the diodes. This is especially true for growers who use solar energy to power their grow rooms since these systems tend to have power spikes and surges.

A power stabilizer can be purchased online for $20-50. It is a great investment to protect your lights and plants, to ensure there is no down time during critical stages of growth.

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