The Benefits of UV light for Indoor Growing

Sunlight is electromagnetic radiation, which includes the visible light spectrum, infrared and ultraviolet light. Ultraviolet (UV) light has a shorter wavelength of less than 400nm compared to visible light.
The surface of a plant has photoreceptors that can feel the quantity and quality of light they are being exposed to.  When the hotoreceptors sense the presence of UV, the plant produces photomorphogenic responses to the presence of UV radiation. These protective responses include increased production of essential oils and resins. Trichomes are a fine coating of resin glands produced as sunscreen to protect plants from UV radiation.

So what does this mean for your grow?

When plants are exposed to UV, the resin and trichome formation increase. Balance is the key to effective UV use. Using too much or incorrect ratios can harm your plants. However, having a perfect balance will give growers some incredible and useful results. G8LED grow lights are designed with the optimal diode ratio and spacing which includes the proper amount of UV and IR. This is a contributing reason why G8LED lights produce such high-quality plants with large yields.

When appropriately applied, the inclusion of UV diodes in the G8LED C-Series LED grow light will produce plants with better smell, taste, and higher potency. Grow Green with G8LED Grow Light Technology!

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