Flower Booster Led Kit

How to increase flowering size and yield – G8LED Flower Booster LED Grow Lights

To improve flowering, add the G8LED 90W Red Flower Booster or 450W Red Flower Booster grow light. The G8 Flower Boosters are incredible supplemental lights that can be added to any flowering room to magnify flowers and the total yield of the grow. Within a few days, there will be noticeable effects on the plant flowers.

The Flower Booster LED Grow Lights are very versatile and can be used with other LED grow lights for flowering, HPS bulbs, metal halide lights, T5s, CFLs and plasma indoor grow lights. This G8 light outputs flowering light energy in the 630nm and 660nm range of the visible light spectrum (red, hyper-red, and far-red).

Since the Flower Boosters are supplemental lights that increase the total amount of critical red wavelengths in the grow room, they do not need to be centered over the grow space. LED grow light for Flowering Bloom Booster can be on the wall, angled, horizontal or vertical. Typical hanging distances are 1-2 ft away from the plant. Use for 12 hours per day during the flowering stage of photosynthesis.

Flower Boosters are not needed with the G8LED Bloom only lights. However, there are no negative consequences of adding the Flower Booster alongside G8 Bloom only lights or any other LED lights for flowering stage.

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