Do LED Grow Lights Work?

YES G8LED grow lights work very well for indoor plant growth!  Various universities and government agencies like NASA have used LED Grow lights to grow a variety of flowering, fruit-bearing plants and leafy greens. Many indoor growers from hobbyists to professional cultivation centers have documented indoor grows with G8LED grow lights. G8LED grow lights have a proven track record over 8 years. Our lights have been upgraded several times to become the highest yielding LED grow light system on the market. Follow our indoor growing tips to help produce optimal growth and yield.

For optimal growth and yield, you must use your LED grow light properly and follow best growing practices.   The most common mistakes with LEDs are overwatering, giving too many nutrients, not enough light, and not placing the lights at the proper distance. Follow the recommended coverages on the product details page for each light for optimal light penetration and coverage.

Vegetative growth is maintained with 16-18 hours of light. This light cycle will create an environment that mimics the photoperiod in the summer with long days. During the vegetative stage is when you will start to reap the benefits of your LED grow lights. During this period you will save on your electricity bills and get superior growing results. In the vegetative stage, plants need less intense lighting than in the flowering stage. It is during the vegetative growth stage that cloning, transplanting, pruning, and bending are all initiated.

Plants will need four to six weeks of this cycle to be ready to start the flowering stage. If larger plants are desired, extend vegetative growth to eight weeks. Pre-flowers are the first indication that the plant is ready to move into the next stage of growth. The pre-flowers grow at branch internodes just behind  the leaf spur. When pre-flowers form, the plants are ready to go into the flowering stage. Continue to grow in the vegetative growth stage or switch to flowering at this point. The pre-flowers look like a regular female flower with white fuzzy pistils. The pre-flowering can take from one to two weeks. Wait to induce flowering until pre-flowers have appeared. Induce flowering by switching your light cycle to 12-12 (12 hours of uninterupted darkness and 12 hours of light).

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