What is the Difference between the G8LED Veg/Flower and Bloom Only lights?

The G8LED grow lights come in the Veg/Flower and Bloom Only models. The Veg/Flower models are full spectrum grow lights for growing seedling through harvest. Veg/Flower lights require the supplemental 90W Red Flower Booster during the flowering phase. G8LED lights have the most efficient and effective ratios of led grow light spectrum for veg and flowering. G8LED lights take the entire visible spectrum of light and amplify the portions that are most beneficial to plant photosynthesis. In addition, light which is outside the visible spectrum such as ultraviolet and infrared is included to enhance plants.

The Veg/Flower lights do not need a veg-bloom switch as they are formulated and optimized for both phases of the plants’ growth cycles. G8LED does not waste efficiency with a veg-bloom switch. A veg-bloom switch turns off some diodes during vegetative growth and turns them back on during flowering. Instead, the G8LED lights are used to their full capacity during both phases without requiring a switch. Furthermore, adding 90W Red Flower Boosters increases the proportion of red color in the grow room, increases light intensity, and wattage. G8LED are some of the best full spectrum grow lights, producing healthier plants and high yielding crops.

G8LED 90 Watt
G8LED 90W Red Flower Booster increases power and the proportion of red

The G8LED Bloom Only lights are also full-spectrum, but with a higher proportion of red color. With the Bloom Only lights, there is no need to add 90W Red Flower Boosters. The Bloom Only lights are not for vegetative growth.

For example, the G8-450 Bloom Only light has the same diode ratio as the G8-450 Veg/Flower + the 90W Red Flower Booster. Although they are equal in a LED grow light spectrum chart, the G8-450 Veg/Flower + the 90W Red Flower Booster together have more wattage and thus more light intensity and flowering power. The Bloom Only lights are best in spaces that are just for flowering. They are not as versatile as the Veg/Flower lights but are an alternative for flowering only. All the G8LED lights are designed with the Optimal LED grow light spectrum for plants.

G8LED 450W Grow Light
Full Spectrum G8LED Bloom Light

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