Mother Plants and Clones

Making clones or cuttings is an excellent way of plant propagation. Any plant can be cloned, regardless of age or growth stage. A clone is an exact genetic replica of the mother plant. Each of the mother plants’ cells carries a DNA blueprint of itself.

A female plant will reproduce 100% females all like the mother. Keep mother plants in the vegetative stage for a consistent source of cloning. Start new mothers from seed every year. Mother plants should get 18 hours of light per day. Give mothers less nitrogen to promote rooting in clones.

Take clones from mother plants that are at least two months old and in the vegetative growth stage.

  • Clones from mother plants that are less than two months old may develop unevenly and grow slowly.
  • Clones taken from flowering plants root quickly but require several weeks to revert to vegetative growth. These clones can flower prematurely and be more prone to pests and diseases.
  • Clones from lower branches of the mother plant root the easiest because they contain more of the proper hormones.
taking cuttings for clones
where to take cuttings for clones
rooting gel for clones
rooting gel for clones

With a sharp blade make a 45-degree cut across the firm and healthy branches two to four inches in length. Trim off 2-3 sets of leaves and growth nodes, which will go below the soil line and leave at least two sets of leaves intact above. With a sharp blade, split one inch of the stem at the bottom of the clone to have more surface area for roots to grow. Immediately place the cut ends in water until you are ready to plant the newly cut clones. Dip the stems of the clones into a rooting gel or liquid hormone and place it into the new growing medium.

Grow the new clones with any G8LED C-Series grow light for 18 hours per day.  The C2 & C3 lights are excellent for propagating clones. The lights can be as close as 12-18 inches from the top of the cloned tips.

Cloning is traumatic for plants as they go through an incredible transformation when they change from a severed tip to a rooted plant. The chemistry of the plant changes as the stem that was growing leaves must now grow roots to survive.  The growing medium must drain well to avoid becoming waterlogged. These new clones will be the next generation of your indoor grown plants.