Bloom Only LED

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What is the difference between the Bloom Grow Lights and Veg/Flower G8 Lights?

G8 LED Bloom lights are made with a higher ratio of red wavelength diodes and do not require the 90W Red Flower Booster as supplemental lighting. The Bloom only light is the perfect light for the flowering phase of a plant’s growth cycle.

Although the Flower Booster is not needed with the G8LED Bloom only lights, there are no negative consequences of adding the 90 Watt LED Ufo Bloom Booster alongside Bloom only lights.

The G8 line of LED Grow Light For Flowering Bloom includes the 240 Watt, 450 Watt, and 600 Watt sizes. Each light is a full spectrum LED and has the added benefit of emitting Ultraviolet (UV) wavelengths to increase resin formation on the plant’s flowers. The G8-600 Bloom light was awarded the 2017 Best New LED Grow Light by High Times Magazine.

The 450 Watt Bloom Only Light is one of the most popular flowering lights available. It covers a growing footprint of 4’ x 3’ and has the equivalent flowering capacity as a 600-800 Watt HPS bulb, while only using 245 Watts of power.