LED Grow Light Panels

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LED Grow Light Panels vs HID Grow Light Panel

Which is better? Growing with a LED grow light panel for indoor plants or with an HID light? There are different advantages to each type of light. HID bulbs provide intense light energy for the plants but can be very expensive to operate due to most of the energy being wasted as excess heat. However, HIDs perform well and have been used for decades. Full spectrum G8LED grow lights are some of the best light panels for growing plants. G8 lights produce healthy, bountiful plants, and also have the added benefit of targeting the optimal wavelengths of light needed, without wasting electricity as extra heat. G8LED lights save money, reduce heat, and pay for themselves in the first year of usage.

Plants growing with LED light panels can be controlled better. For example, G8LED lights have a perfect blend of ultraviolet (UV) diodes in addition to the Optimal 8-Band™ formulation of the diodes. The added ultraviolet diodes increase trichomes and make the G8s the best grow lights for cannabis.  Infrared (IR) diodes are also used to improve stem strength and help in the growing phase. By implementing the most efficient 8-band plus UV & IR, G8 has the best grow light bulbs in one panel.