Proper Distance for Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights

The proper distance between your full spectrum LED grow lights and plants is important for robust photosynthesis and growth.  G8LED grow lights provide a full spectrum of light, in the correct, weighted average ratios, for healthier growth and maximum flowering. Plants reach toward the coveted light source like they grow towards the sun in outdoor conditions.

How Far Should LED Grow Lights Be From Seedlings?

Seedlings are delicate and should be started at the maximum recommended distance away from the LED grow light. A safe distance for all of the G8LED grow lights is 12-36 inches above seedlings to start, depending on the size of the light. Once the seedlings have sprouted and grown a root system for 2-3 weeks, the lights can be placed closer to the plants.

G8LED C-Series: 12-24inches

What Distance Should LED Grow Lights Be From Clones and Plants in Veg?

G8LED C-Series Enhanced Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

As your plants grow and reach for the light, raise the light to keep a constant distance. To grow taller plants, continue raising the light as the plants grow. For shorter, bushier plants keep the lights at a fixed height and let the plants grow closer to them. At a fixed height, the plants will grow to an equilibrium distance, then grow wider and denser. If the lights are too close to the plants, the light intensity will be too high and the plants may exhibit stunted growth and discoloring. Follow the recommended distances and adjust as necessary.

G8LED C-Series 12-24inches

What Distance Should LED Grow Lights Be During Flowering?

The G8LED grow lights do not need to be raised during the flowering phase. During flowering, the lights can remain fixed and the plants will grow to a comfortable distance from the lights. The G8LED Flower Boosters can be placed at the same height as the Veg/Flower grow lights.

G8LED C-Series 6-12inches

G8LED Flower Boosters: 6-18inches

G8LED grow lights emit 60% less heat than traditional HID lights such as high-pressure sodium or metal halide bulbs. G8LEDs will not burn or dry out plants. However, plants could have stunted growth and discolored leaves if the lights are too close. If you notice this, increase the distance between your light and the plants. Also, reduce or stop nutrients as they are the most common cause of leaf discoloration. Follow the recommended hanging distances and the plants will thrive with the G8LED grow lights.

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