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  • G8LED 900 Watt LED Veg/Flower Grow Light G8LED 900 Watt LED Veg/Flower Grow Light
  • G8LED 900 Watt LED Veg/Flower Grow Light G8LED 900 Watt LED Veg/Flower Grow Light
  • G8LED 900 Watt LED Veg/Flower Grow Light G8LED 900 Watt LED Veg/Flower Grow Light
  • G8LED 900 Watt LED Veg/Flower Grow Light G8LED 900 Watt LED Veg/Flower Grow Light
  • G8LED 900 Watt LED Veg/Flower Grow Light G8LED 900 Watt LED Veg/Flower Grow Light
  • G8LED 900 Watt LED Veg/Flower Grow Light G8LED 900 Watt LED Veg/Flower Grow Light
  • G8LED 900 Watt LED Veg/Flower Grow Light G8LED 900 Watt LED Veg/Flower Grow Light

900 Watt Full Spectrum G8LED Veg/Flower

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Customer Reviews

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  1. G8 900 review by Enik on 11/9/2017

    The light is amazing with really incredible power! The shipment was really fast and with no problem. I requested a longer cable and I got it. I really like that I buy this led, now let's see in 2 months what is coming out from this monster but the beginning is good! I'm thinking about taking one more in the future...go g8 guys!!

  2. G8 LED 900 review by Hound on 5/5/2017

    Just got 2 of them in my flower room and they are really nice, reduce in fans for cooling HPS lights an ventilation. Super super bright lights and customer service is awesome they get back with you as soon as possible. Glad that I switched over and picked them out of all the lights companies out there! Thanks y'all for everything!

  3. Incremental awesomeness review by B-B on 5/24/2016

    The light itself is phenomenal. It is a growing beast. I removed 1 out of 2 MH bulbs from my clone/veg room and supplemented with the 900W g8led along with one MH bulb as a first step of my transition to full leds. Power consumption down, growth up. A bit slower but I got a rich deep green color on my plants along with what appears to be more growth. Step 2 - try for flowering...this was the big leap of faith. I used my second 900W light along with 1000W HPS in half my flower room and kept the rest the same to be switched out later. I should mention that I am an old school soil grower. It's more work but I enjoy it more. avg 4.8oz per plant x 12 plants = 3.6lbs . Not bad for first run, but there is a learning curve i am looking forward to bigger yields. Step 3 - add 1 more 900w in flower room and remove a 1000w HPS to reduce power consumption even more. Looking very good - harvest coming up. Love the lower temps.

  4. 1 year with G8LEDs review by Walter on 4/28/2016

    It has been nearly a year since we've put Dorm Grow LED's into our rooms and the results are very positive.
    We have achieved the goals we had when we purchased these lights . Using these lights for a year has shown not only do they perform as advertised but they can take some abuse to. A major short in-between the timer and lights caused that connection to melt, eventually a loss of power to the lights . Repairs were made to the wiring and as We turned on each of the 5x 450w Dorm Grow LED's they came to life showing no ill effects . We did have an issue one of the 2 900w LED's which Dorm Grow covered after receiving the light.
    Electrical usage is ,an ebb and flow system with one 1750 air pump for o2 , three fans, 2x 900w Dorm Grow LED's, 4 x90w Reds, 5x 450w Dorm Grow LED's for $300 a month .
    Yield has increased from 3-4 to 5-6/plant , bud density has improved and they are frostier than ever .
    Dorm Grow Customer Support was great helping us along the way both on the phone and by email .
    These lights were a good investment, one that we'll be improve our quality and quantity in the future .

  5. Awesome results review by Kyle on 3/5/2015

    this light is amazingl! thank you.

  6. Best technology for the money review by R Khan gg on 5/17/2014

    What can I say, I do my research, make a decision and move forward. I found this light to be the best one for the money. First grow - outperformed my old 1000w hps outfit. What else could you want?

  7. This is it! review by Dirk on 4/15/2014

    This light is it! I will never turn back after having grown with the g8led 900w grow light. This light gave me nice deep green colored plants and lots of growth. I added the red boosters as recommended in flowering and there is no turning back to my t5/hps setup.

    The price is good too. What a great deal, nearly half the price of similar top led grow lights. I will be expanding with g8 soon from my garage to a 2500sf warehouse and taking these babies with me.

    Peace - Dlund

  8. Phenomenal review by Harold on 4/8/2014

    This is a review for the g8led 900 watt full spectrum led grow light as used in my garage grow room. I have four of these monsters in the garage along with five of the g8led 90 watt all red lights. I begged all my plants under two g8led 450 watt full spectrum lights and then moved them to the flower room with the 900s to finish the grow. I am currently running my third crop and the first two were perfect and the third one is even better. I have never been able to get such perfect and healthy plants before. I have been growing as a second source of income for years and have tried all kinds of equipment. After careful research and after having seen what my buddy was able to do with this light, I had to get one for myself. Truly amazing how beautiful the plants are and they are giving some very dense and healthy colas. I believe this is the future of indoor growing and the g8led system is top notch.

  9. Best kept secret review by Justin on 1/28/2014

    For those of you who don't believe in Led for the duration of a grow, keep believing that and leave the secret to us. These lights are absolutely phenomenal! ! I replaced 1000 watt hps with dimable digital ballast, with the G8 LED 900W . It is amazing. I saw the growth within the first day.

    Finished off with actually a higher yield than before with the added 90W Reds. I only used one 90W Red and it worked just fine. i am going to add even more for the next round and see if I can yield even more

  10. 900Watt MEGA LED review by K Snow on 12/12/2013

    This review is for G8LED 900 Watt MEGA LED grow light. Using this light in my room gave me bushier plants with shorter internodes which was very desirable. My garden grew fast and gave pre-sex flowers earlier than when i grew with HIDs. This light actually had a larger, effective footprint compared to my HID. Finally, it is important to mention that customer service was amazing. I had so many email questions and they were all answered with lightning speed, before, during and after my purchase. These guys are great. Ken Dec 12, 2013

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