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G8LED Grow Lights provide the largest yields when growing indoor with LED technology. G8LED grow lights give healthier plant growth, the highest yields, and higher quality harvests.

How do G8LED lights give the highest yields?

Award-winning G8LED grow lights have the most efficient spectra and a very dense network of diodes which work together to bring a balanced light energy to the plants. Plants thrive and output large yields, with little electrical consumption and no excess heat. The perfect G8LED formulation maximizes growth and yield, without wasting energy in unnecessary wavelengths. While some lights promote more wavelengths, G8LED focuses on the Optimal 8-band which gives the largest LED yields. There are no wasted diodes in colors that are not needed for photosynthesis and yield. If more wavelengths were better for indoor growing, a 15-band, 20-band or an all-band light would be supreme, but more is not better when it comes to the science of indoor growing.

G8LED lights produce more PARmore yield per watt, and more yield per square foot than other grow lights. G8LED lights have the highest concentration of light energy per square inch of any LED grow light currently available. With G8LED lights, not only is the dry weight yield maximized, but the plants are higher quality with more potency, aroma, and flavor.

G8LED Grow Lights have gone through several iterations over to bring the most innovative indoor grow lighting technology in the highest yielding grow light system. You can finally match the yields of high-pressure sodium (HPS) bulbs with LED Grow Lights by using the G8LED Grow Light system.

Grow Green with G8LED Grow Light Technology!

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Superior Design

G8LEDs are designed to maximize the diode density on the LED chipboard. G8LED grow lights have a higher intensity of light coverage per square inch and produce higher yielding plants compared to competing designs such as COB (chip on board). The COB design makes it easier for the manufacturer to replace one array of diodes in case of a malfunction but results in lower yields. G8LED lights produce more PAR and more yield per unit of electricity consumed and more yield per square footage of grow area compared to other lights.

The 90W Red Flower Booster is designed to perfectly complement the G8LED Veg/Flower lights. The Veg/Flower lights use the ideal 3-watt chip size and are complemented with 1-watt chips of the 90W Red Flower Booster during the flowering phase to maximize yields. The penetrating power of the 3-watt chips in the Veg/Flower lights, combined with the very dense network of red diodes on the 90W Red Flower Booster result in a higher Yield per Watt and Yield per dollar invested. Not only do G8LED give high-quality growth, higher quality harvest and maximum yields, they also pay for themselves within the 1st year. Make the wise choice and upgrade your grow room with G8LED Grow Light Technology.

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Grow Green with Award Winning G8LED Grow Light Technology!

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