What is the Highest Yielding LED Grow Light System? 

Spectrum for Success

G8LED lights maximize the portions of the light that the plants need most and minimize the portions that are used less. This scientific balance is accomplished with a weighted average of the PAR absorption rates of chlorophyll-a and chlorophyll-b of plants.

G8LED C2 Spectral Graph

The G8 spectrum touches all the colors in the light spectrum, however only amplifying the critical portions that benefit the plants.

Which LED Grow Lights Work the Best?

What LED grow light should I buy? Although there are many good choices, G8LEDs are some of the top-performing lights for indoor growing. G8LED lights produce more PARmore yield per watt, and more yield per square foot than other grow lights. G8LED lights have a very high concentration of light energy per square inch which means more plant growth. With G8LED lights, not only is the dry weight yield maximized, but the plants produce a higher quality product.


DID YOU KNOW? NASA used targeted spectrum lights similar to G8LED when testing LED lights for growing food in space!

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